S5 Tracker999 Thatcham Approved Tracker


Price includes the tracker and installation at a location of your choice in the UK or Ireland

  • Insurance Approved – Thatcham S5
  • Driver ID Tag
  • 24/7 Control Room Monitoring
  • App and Web for instant asset access
  • High precision location information from 33 channel GPS receiver
  • GPS/GSM Blocking Alerts
  • 30 day Journey History Retention
  • 30 day Driver Behaviour Report
  • Global coverage
  • Instant Geo Fence and Tow Away Alerts
  • Instant Tamper Alerts
  • Low Battery Alerts
  • Battery Backup
  • 12 and 24 volt Compatibility
  • Waterproof
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Fully Transferable from vehicle to vehicle

Optional Extras



Thatcham Approved

The brand-new range of tracker999 vehicle trackers from Security4vehicles are rigorously tested to the highest industry standards and certifications. The trackers are available in three versions offering S7, S5 and S5+ levels of protection, suited to meet all your security and insurance needs. With the UK based monitoring centre we provide Level 1 police response in case of theft or an emergency.

S5 Thatcham Category Approval Summary

  • Insurance Approved
  • 24/7 Control Room Monitoring
  • Level 1 Police response
  • Tow away and tamper alert
  • Unauthorised Driver Alert via Driver ID Tag

Insurance Approved

Having a Thatcham approved tracker can significantly reduce your annual vehicle insurance premiums and peace of mind. Thatcham approval means they have been designed and tested to comply with the latest requirements required by UK insurance companies. Insurance providers may demand a certain category of Thatcham tracker such as S7, S5 or S5+ depending on the vehicle value or type.

Driver ID Tag for greater security

You are provided with a small Driver ID Tag to identify you as an authorised driver. This is kept with you whenever you use your vehicle but not attached to your car key. If your vehicle is moved, whether by starting the ignition with or without your key, and the Driver ID Tag is not present in the vehicle, a covert alert is instantly raised in the Control Room. The Control Room quickly determine if a theft is taking place and work directly with the police and initiate a level 1police response to recover the vehicle. This means that even if your car key is stolen or you are a victim of relay crime, the thieves will not get very far.

Benefits of S5 Thatcham Approved Systems

Thatcham, Category S5 tracking devices feature a list of useful functionalities.

High Theft Recovery Rate
Security4vehicles tracker999 series of vehicle tracking devices are approved and authorised to alert the police instantly in case of theft detection.

Insurance and Thatcham approved
As Security4vehicles tracker999 series of vehicle tracking devices are Thatcham and insurance approved, this can lead to significantly reduced insurance premiums.

Unauthorized Driving or Motion Alerts
A range of integrated sensors installed in our Thatcham approved tracking devices will alert you to any unauthorised vehicle movements. If your vehicle starts moving without your knowledge, the authorities will be alerted instantly.

Driver ID Tag
Prevents unauthorised driving of your car and vehicle theft with the use of a Driver Identification Tag that can be attached to your house keys but separated from your car key.

Monitoring Alarm Centre


Security4vehicles tracker999 S5 insurance tracking devices are monitored 24/7 by experienced teams at our monitoring centre. The UK based monitoring centre is a Category II Alarm Receiving Centre, accredited by the British Standards Institution. There are only two categories and Category II is the higher grade with the tougher standards. Our on-call staff are always on alert for emergency situations and act within seconds in the event of a theft attempt or tampering and are authorised to initiate level 1 police response. Should someone attempt to break to into your vehicle or steal it, our monitoring centre will be immediately alerted about the event and contact the police.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Your vehicles are safer than ever with our 24/7 surveillance. With Thatcham approved vehicle tracking devices installed, no other security system in the UK can be as effective as security4vehicles S5 Tracker999 insurance approved vehicle trackers in terms of stolen vehicle recovery. You will be alerted immediately if your vehicle is towed or moved without your knowledge with the help of event alerts. Our monitoring centre collaborates with the police forces all over the UK to facilitate the return of your vehicle in case of theft.

Nationwide Installation Services

With our professional mobile installation team of expert engineers spread throughout the country, our engineers will make sure you and your vehicle receive the right care and attention to detail with no unsightly cables or holes in the interior, looking as good as new. To reiterate all cables are concealed. We can install your system at any location convenient to you anywhere in the UK. We will ensure that you are 100% happy with your new system on completion giving you a quick guide on how to operate your new camera. The process is as follows:

  1. Place your order.
  2. We will contact you to get more details such as car make, model and registration and confirm where you would like the installation to take place.
  3. We will ship the Tracker directly to you.
  4. We will then contact you directly to arrange a convenient date and time to suit you.
  5. We aim to install your Tracker system as quickly as possible after ordering. However, this is dependent on both customer vehicle and installation engineer availability.



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